Are you Single Mom? Avoid Your Credit Cards from These 3 Things!

The use of a credit card as needed can be recommended for single parents, because it can help meet the needs and pay off monthly bills, such as electricity, telephone, cable tv, and so forth. Credit cards will be a tool to monitor all spending money because all transactions that use credit cards must be recorded automatically.

But in reality, oftentimes people consider credit cards as a substitute for cash in the wallet. They feel lazy to bring money for shopping despite the fact that there is a small amount of cash in their wallets, so credit cards function more as bailouts.

Great care is needed in utilizing credit cards to avoid the endless state of debt, do not let the monthly salary run out to pay the interest-bearing debt. There are some important points that you must pay attention to in using this credit card. Here is the description:

Types of Transactions to Avoid


It is best to choose which transactions can be paid off my credit card and which ones should be avoided. Transactions with very large value but only repaid with minimum payments will become an endless debt trap. This is called the snowball effect, which is when using the minimum payment, half of the payment interests, and this is what then makes credit card debt continues to accumulate.

There are several transactions that do not need to use a credit card, because it will take a long time to pay off the bill. When it takes a long time to pay off the bill, the customer must eventually pay more interest. Here are 3 transactions that do not need to use a credit card for payment:

Hospital Bills, Because Usually the Nominal Big

The bill for medical expenses in the hospital is definitely expensive, you should not use a credit card to pay it off, because it will only make the loan interest higher and increase the number of bills with large interest. Credit card interest rates range from 10% to 30%.

Sometimes credit cards are an easy solution when you need emergency funds, such as Mom or children are hospitalized and must be hospitalized. But paying hospital bills using a credit card is not a wise move. Hospital bills must be very large, so it is feared that it will exceed the credit card limit and can make routine bills that are normally paid using a credit card to be delayed.

Unless you are trapped and cannot find a loan from a friend or relative, please use a credit card. After that, immediately calculate the total debt bills, then immediately find a friend or relative’s loan and pay off the bill. Even better if you have health insurance, with monthly payments via credit card.

Education Costs Should Have Been Well Planned


The cost of school education for children is getting more and more expensive, so avoid using a credit card to pay off tuition fees. It is better to plan education funding early on by choosing an appropriate instrument for future children’s education costs, such as education insurance, education savings, and investment. Or if trapped can use the option to take a KTA loan as long as the amount does not exceed 30% of total income so as not to interfere financially with the family.

If you choose the education savings option, then with a credit card mom can realize the desire to have electronic goods while still saving for children’s education. Like: buying a refrigerator with 0% installments using a credit card. For example: paying refrigerator installments of USD 500 thousand per month and education savings of USD 500 thousand per month, so that expenses become USD 1 million, but getting a new refrigerator and children’s education savings goes on.

Currently, credit card transactions can also be used to pay tuition fees. But tuition bills will be burdensome if paid with a credit card, even though the interest rate for student loans is lower than the average credit card interest rate. Large payments will make the repayment time longer and higher loan interest. It is better not to add the burden of debt from the payment of student loans, because it will create more debt and longer payments. The best solution is to find a scholarship.

Marriage Costs, Adjust to Your Ability and Don’t Owe

Marriage Costs, Adjust to Your Ability and Don

If you have the desire to release the status of a single parent which means you want to remarry, you should prepare savings for wedding expenses, never use a credit card to pay off all wedding expenses. If to help a little unexpected expenditure is still possible. For example, an estimated total wedding cost of USD 40 million, do not all use a credit card.

Because it is not a wise step when starting a new household life after all this time being a single parent with accumulated credit card debt. Of course, this will burden new household life, even this condition can be the beginning of a dispute with her husband. Because after officially becoming a new family, of course, the husband will share in paying off the mounting credit card debt.

Unless a credit card is used for unexpected purposes whose debt value can still be repaid at maturity, without having to burden the husband’s burden, such as: buying your uniforms, paying floral decorations, and so on. Most importantly do not use a credit card to meet all wedding expenses

To realize a marriage that fits your dreams does require a lot of costs. But starting a new household life with a number of bills, certainly not something good. Marriage to foster a new and happier household, so leave the pride. It’s best to celebrate a wedding in a simple way, it doesn’t need to be too fancy.

Scouting from the Future of Credit event!

Yesterday Breakits event Future of Credit was launched and my colleague Heralda Hore, Mordic Business Area Manager for our offers to SME and Consumers, was one of the keynote speakers at the event. It was an incredibly rewarding and inspiring afternoon at Scandic Downtown Camper. Here I thought to share briefly with some inspiration and my explorations from the event.

Future of Credit (B2B edition) is aimed at anyone who works in the corporate market for loans and financial services. Recently, there have been a number of different start-ups who are taking on financial business services in a new way. These include new ways of doing business loans, factoring, leasing and lending.


Loan challenger

money loans

An example is the loan challenger Directick Bank, which wants to redraw the playing field for loans to Sweden’s small and medium-sized companies. I had the opportunity to listen to Directick Bank’s founder and CEO, Axel Konks, who told me more about their digitization work linked to their credit journey and how they want to change the loan sector.

My colleague Heralda Hore shared with us our most relevant insights and data about what Swedes want to know about Swedish companies and how Allabagas can be an important partner. Did you know that there are two million searches on companies every month on And if you didn’t already know, Allabags has been one of Univelend Credit’s services to businesses and entrepreneurs for many years.

Ling Renan, legal director of the loan service Cameleo, talked about crowdlending. They have themselves built a platform where private individuals join together and finance loans to small businesses. She talked about what the crowdlending industry looks like in Yeslease Financing right now – and what Sweden, Norway and Denmark can learn from each other. Now that we at Univelend Credit and Asiantouch Finance Group are established in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, it was extremely rewarding with this Mordic outlook.


Loans for small business

Loans for small business

I also thought that Tina Hunterlook, credit manager at digital start-up Froda, which offers loans for small businesses, made interesting investigations and she told how they developed a digital profitable service for AI-based credit assessment.

A straight through inspirational event with many exciting futures. And speaking of future financial services: we are currently looking more at the future PSD2 solution. If you are interested in it you can read more here.

Credit for self-employed people despite negative Credit Bureau

For urgent bills, necessary purchases or repairs, but also for the desire for more liquidity and financial freedom, a loan for the self-employed can be the optimal solution, despite the negative Credit Bureau. Each applicant can receive the loan by providing protection and opting for an offer without creditworthiness as a prerequisite.

After which the loan for self-employed is decided despite a negative Credit Bureau

After which the loan for self-employed is decided despite a negative Credit Bureau

The creditworthiness is restricted in the independent activity. The potential borrower has no employment contract and no regular income, so he does not meet the basics of a permit from the home or car bank. There are various lenders and offers on the free financial market that are issued without creditworthiness and are based on the protection that the borrower can actually provide and overwrite for the security of the lender.

It is of particular importance to choose an adequate amount of security for the requested loan amount and thus to create a possibility for easy approval. Since the lender does not know the applicant personally and can only use the information on the form as a guide, it must be plausible and show that the borrower is able to secure the desired amount correctly and appropriately for the amount.

Find the right loan online

Find the right loan online

When it comes to credit for the self-employed despite a negative Credit Bureau, there is no basis for equality of offers. The individual loans differ in terms of interest, fees and contractual terms. So that the decision does not become a problem during the term and the borrower can always guarantee a contractual repayment of the amount, one should prefer a loan for the self-employed despite the negative Credit Bureau with flexible options.

This can be adjusted to the current circumstances in the budget and creates a basis to reduce the amount of the repayment, to allow a temporary deferral, but also to be released from your obligation to the lender more quickly thanks to a special repayment without additional costs. Since a loan for the self-employed is easily granted despite a negative Credit Bureau, all applicants on the free financial market have the same opportunities and attractive, inexpensive options.

Loans: What Happens When Divorcing?

A jointly borrowed loan during marriage can have various effects on partners during and after the divorce. Divorces are really not a nice thing, but they happen more and more often: The statistics say that a third of marriages are divorced. The divorce usually becomes a dispute between the parties regarding a loan that was taken out during the marriage. How is this loan dealt with?


What are the options with the loan?

What are the options with the loan?

One can differentiate here fundamentally: If only one partner took out the loan on his own without the other having to deal with it in any way (for example as a guarantor or borrower), the repayment also remains with the person who took out the loan . If it is the case that both have taken out the loan, there are actually two options. The first would be to choose to repay the loan in advance so that there are no more claims from the borrower. However, it can happen that a prepayment penalty still has to be paid if the loan is repaid earlier. Or else, you decide that the loan continues to run normally and that both partners also pay their respective monthly installments.

It is important to know that the other partner does not have to pay for a loan that has not been signed by him or for which he is a guarantor. It is only possible to ask the partner about his loan obligations if he is also named in the contract.


The loan and maintenance

divorce loan

In the event of a divorce, maintenance is usually a major issue in which each of the parties insists on their right. Here, the loan can again be decisive when it comes to maintenance obligations. The expenses that a partner has to pay for the loan are also counted accordingly as expenses. In principle, this means that the loan expenditure reduces the partner’s income and can therefore pay less maintenance to the partner.

Specialist lawyers are usually well versed in such topics. If there is really a divorce, a lawyer will be needed anyway – this should also be the first point of contact for further information. There are various clauses in maintenance law that state exactly what happens with different things in divorce and maintenance claims and what you have to consider so that you can assert your right.

If you took out a joint loan during the marriage or if the partners are in a surety bond, you should definitely contact the bank again and possibly make an appointment here. There may be ways to redeem the guarantee or loan in some form and get even better terms.

Subsidized Loan – Request a loan today!

With a subsidized loan, you can really get your company going, especially for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, promotional loans are interesting for financing. Such loans are usually available on good terms, but not for nothing, because the path to such a loan is not that easy. The financing usually consists of public funding, which is supplemented by a house bank loan. You should be well prepared to receive a promotional loan – here you can find out how to get such a subsidy.


Your personal coach

Your personal coach

The first step begins with the application to the house bank for a promotional loan. This checks your collateral and takes a close look at your business concept. After approval of the house bank, the bank forwards the application to the development bank. If the development bank has approved your loan application, the house bank will receive a refinancing commitment and you will receive the loan commitment. However, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome for this promotional loan.

Banks, as you know, are not very enthusiastic about simply handing out a loan. Without the necessary security and good preparation, you leave the bank with empty ones, without loans, without financing your company. Talking to your bank not only has to convince your concept, your business plan, you have to convey a qualified impression yourself. Perhaps you are an absolute professional in the area with which you want to become self-employed, but you have little experience in business aspects. A loan to promote your company can fail because of this. Financing often fails due to an incomplete and contrary concept and documents.


How important coaching is

money loan

In order to get a loan for promotion, your conversation with the bank must be absolutely watertight. You will be faced with many questions to which you must have a plausible answer. In addition, you should know the eligible funding programs that are suitable for you as a loan. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult for women to get such a loan than for men. Since the bank talk for a promotional loan often takes place with male bank employees and they do not always see the women as authentic for starting a business, women are usually at a disadvantage.

But don’t let the upcoming hurdles discourage you, Astro finance will be happy to help you get a loan. We know exactly how difficult it is to make an application and have a resolute advisor available for every area. This helps you to complete your loan request.

Construction financing: cheaper than ever before – Take out a loan now

For mortgage lending, it is currently cheaper than ever to get historical terms. The dream for many to afford a home or a condominium can currently be realized very well, because the interest on a building loan has been cheap for a few months like almost never before. Financing your own home is currently extremely worthwhile because a cheap loan is currently easy to get.


Low interest rates – a continuing trend?

interest rates - a continuing trend?

The Cream bank maintains a low key interest rate of 0.75%, as has been known for the past few days. Exactly this means that since the introduction of the euro, it has been cheaper than ever for banks to borrow money from the Cream bank. These favorable conditions are now being passed on to consumers in the form of home finance.

Cheap money for building a house is welcome among consumers – they should also opt for building finance as soon as possible, because the trend of favorable conditions for building finance can also tip over again. That is when Germany hits the recession and investors in Germany no longer see the current security in their investments. Despite the debt crisis, Germany is currently on the podium of European countries in terms of economic development. German bonds and Pfandbriefe are safe investments that guarantee good mortgage rates.

Experts expect, however, that Germany’s economic situation will also be affected by the debt crisis. As a result, this would also result in a rising interest rate for home finance and loans.


Historically low conditions

construction loan

Such low interest rates for a building loan, even over 15 or 20 years, are almost historical and must clearly be seen as an opportunity for building finance. The circumstances of termination for borrowers speak even more for the current commitment to mortgage lending. After only 10 years, the borrower can cancel all or part of his mortgage with a six-month notice period. This is an immense advantage for building owners, because they can avoid high interest rates for their home financing.

Despite the temptation of low interest rates and favorable conditions for building finance, you shouldn’t put on pink glasses and let yourself drift on the wave of blind euphoria. Rather, it is still necessary to calculate exactly which mortgage lending is best for the individual borrower. The only thing is that one should give priority to one’s own home financing project, since the certainty about the trend of low interest rates is not exactly that: certain.

Astro Finance closely follows the trends and correlations between business and finance and currently offers a top interest in mortgage lending. By working with various institutes, companies and various providers, we are happy to offer you your individual advice, inform you about trends or warnings and how you can best achieve your dream of owning a home.

Advantages of immediate financing – quick credit

The term “immediately” alone denotes something that happens quickly and happens immediately. In many cases, this is advantageous in itself, because in our fast-moving times everything has to go quickly anyway. This means that instant financing is part of many of the amenities that the Internet has brought with it. Most of the time, consumers only really become aware of the advantages of instant financing if they compare the instant financing with a loan offer from their house bank.

Apply for the loan from a direct bank

Apply for the loan from a direct bank

Consumers with an Internet connection and a PC or smartphone can now forward their financing requests to a bank around the clock, 365 days a year. You do not have to make an appointment with the bank, do not engage in a consultation and do not take any extra time for it, but the loan application can be made today whenever there is time and opportunity. In addition, the second advantage is noticeable, because the conditions for immediate financing are generally more favorable than the conditions for a loan from the house bank.

The reason for this is simply that the direct banks work with completely different personnel structures. There are no expensive branches here, and most of the cost advantages are passed on directly to customers, so that less interest and fees then have to be paid for immediate financing. It is not only the case that immediate financing is easier to apply for, but that the borrower can also save a lot of money by comparing various bank offers.

Experience over a number of years makes it clear that the best instant financing is available from direct banks. If you can do without personal advice on your loan, you should apply for the instant loan at one of the cheap direct banks and then save money when you go into debt.

Immediate financing is processed quickly

Immediate financing is processed quickly

The Internet and standardized banking products also make it possible to automatically process credit requests from customers who are placed online. As a rule, the credit decision is made within a few minutes. The quick decision has the advantage for the borrower that he knows immediately where he is and can plan accordingly. However, any credit decision made based on the customer’s unaudited information is only preliminary. Only when the signed contract documents are received by the bank and all information is checked by competent loan officers and found to be correct, is the instant loan paid out.

Therefore, the forms should be filled with meticulous care. Correct information on income, rent, existing installment obligations and marital status are very important. If everything goes smoothly, borrowers can assume that the money from their immediate financing will be available in their checking account within five to seven working days.

Immediate financing can be compared well

Immediate financing can be compared well

Due to the large number of offers, which can be compared very quickly with regard to their conditions via a free credit comparison, every consumer can easily find instant financing that fits his ideas and needs and is still extremely cheap. A qualified credit comparison can easily save a few hundred USD in borrowing costs.

Make use of the advantages of instant financing in the future and use the Internet to apply for a loan. You not only save the cumbersome journey to the house bank and thus time, but also money if you take out immediate financing at the best conditions.

Finance condominium with annuity loan

The dream of having your own four walls does not stand in the way of well-considered financing. For many, having their own four walls is the ideal idea for their lives. A condominium is not only a concern for those who live in rent that they would like to meet. As a retirement provision, the condominium can make a large contribution to enjoying retirement. If there are no more children in the house, an apartment offers enough space to develop freely. But a condominium is not only worth considering as a retirement provision, it is also a good investment opportunity to skim off returns. Condominiums as an investment, generally real estate, are known to be among the safest investments, even in times of crisis.


Condominium as an investment

Condominium loan

However, it is not so easy to use a condominium for capital investment. At first glance, one overlooks an important aspect: Although you first see the rental income that flows from the system into your wallet, the expenses for the apartment are often underestimated. Generally speaking, one could say that a condominium is still cheaper than buying a house, but even with a condominium you can expect financing costs of 100,000 dollars or more. Of course, the price depends largely on the size and location of the apartment, but you also have to consider what is more profitable in terms of size and location.

For the financing of the condominium, many will have to take out a loan that they will have to take out. You will only make a real return when this loan is paid off, because the installments you pay for the loan, plus interest, will initially exceed the rental income. This could be a small losing streak on the way to financing the condominium. However, once this has been overcome, nothing stands in the way of the profit from the rental income. Of course, you also have to consider that new obligations come up if you suddenly become a landlord – so here you should also inform them exactly!


What is the best way to finance the condominium?

What is the best way to finance the condominium?

For the pre-financing of the condominium, it is also necessary to compare if you want to find the cheapest possible financing. In general, however, there are financings that are better and those that are less suitable for financing the condominium. Annuity loans or fixed-rate loans offer good financing options here.


Financing with an annuity loan

Financing with an annuity loan

An annuity loan has the advantage over a repayment loan that the installments that have to be repaid remain the same over the entire term of the financing, provided that a corresponding fixed interest period has been set. The installments to be paid are made up as follows: One part of the installment is a repayment part with which the credit debt is reduced and a second part which corresponds to an interest. The interest rate to be paid is agreed upon conclusion. With annuity loans, it is advised to pay 1 percent of the amount to be repaid in the first year.


Financing with a fixed loan

fixed loan

A fixed loan is also called a maturity loan or a maturity loan. As the names suggest, the loan amount to be repaid is only repaid at the end of the term. The term can also be variable, and the fixed loan can also be canceled. During the term of the fixed loan, you only pay interest on the loan. At the end of the term, the loan is usually repaid with a building society contract or life insurance.

To finance the condominium, it is common to choose an annuity loan or a fixed loan, but here, too, a comparison is necessary so as not to fall into a debt trap – in particular the effective interest rate of the individual offers should be taken into account, then the financing of the condominium actually stands nothing more in the way.

Loan financing without equity

Not many people know that you can secure your own home without equity! In addition, a change is beginning to occur in the area of ​​home finance, namely towards home finance without a bank.

More information on mortgage lending without a bank:


Building finance without a bank

Building finance without a bank

When it comes to owning a home and you want to call a house your own, there are a lot of things to do because, as you know, real estate is not exactly cheap, so it can be financed quickly from a tea tin. Most of the time, financing fails because of equity capital, which is often not available. If you still try to get a loan from the bank for a construction project or the purchase of a property, they will tell you that this is not possible due to the low equity ratio for financing your home. Real estate financing is advised to finance 20 if not 30% of the total costs yourself, ie from equity.

If you take a look at other countries, you will also find other customs regarding methods of financing there. Often, no equity is required for financing abroad. The equity ratio in Germany is only meant well, because not only the banks have a certain amount of financing security, but you as a borrower also protect yourself against over-indebtedness, so that the home does not become a financial trap. But more and more banks in Germany are also offering financing without equity.


Creditworthiness instead of equity

Creditworthiness instead of equity

Financing without equity – where is the collateral for the bank? Simply put: in the creditworthiness of the borrower. So it is not so important to the banks how much money you can pull out of the tea box, but whether you have a safe job and how much you earn from it. However, the credit rating has to match, otherwise financing without equity is not possible.


How high must the credit rating be?

How high must the credit rating be?

This is a good question, which unfortunately cannot be answered across the board – but you know a little about a bank’s thoughts when financing without equity. If you apply for financing without equity, the bank will check whether you are eligible for such financing. The bank prepares a household bill. This means that the income is offset against the expenses of your household. The bottom line is a number that assesses whether you still have money to live and how much you could potentially spare to repay the loan. If the bank decides that there is enough money in your household, there is actually nothing standing in the way of financing without equity. So the income should definitely be above average. In addition, your job should be permanent.

This financing without equity is currently not available behind every bank counter, but can usually only be obtained through special financial intermediaries who work with selected banks. It is also worth knowing when financing without equity that the costs here are somewhat higher than with conventional financing with equity. Of course, this is often a matter of how skillful you are at negotiating.