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With a subsidized loan, you can really get your company going, especially for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies, promotional loans are interesting for financing. Such loans are usually available on good terms, but not for nothing, because the path to such a loan is not that easy. The financing usually consists of public funding, which is supplemented by a house bank loan. You should be well prepared to receive a promotional loan – here you can find out how to get such a subsidy.


Your personal coach

Your personal coach

The first step begins with the application to the house bank for a promotional loan. This checks your collateral and takes a close look at your business concept. After approval of the house bank, the bank forwards the application to the development bank. If the development bank has approved your loan application, the house bank will receive a refinancing commitment and you will receive the loan commitment. However, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome for this promotional loan.

Banks, as you know, are not very enthusiastic about simply handing out a loan. Without the necessary security and good preparation, you leave the bank with empty ones, without loans, without financing your company. Talking to your bank not only has to convince your concept, your business plan, you have to convey a qualified impression yourself. Perhaps you are an absolute professional in the area with which you want to become self-employed, but you have little experience in business aspects. A loan to promote your company can fail because of this. Financing often fails due to an incomplete and contrary concept and documents.


How important coaching is

money loan

In order to get a loan for promotion, your conversation with the bank must be absolutely watertight. You will be faced with many questions to which you must have a plausible answer. In addition, you should know the eligible funding programs that are suitable for you as a loan. Unfortunately, it is even more difficult for women to get such a loan than for men. Since the bank talk for a promotional loan often takes place with male bank employees and they do not always see the women as authentic for starting a business, women are usually at a disadvantage.

But don’t let the upcoming hurdles discourage you, Astro finance will be happy to help you get a loan. We know exactly how difficult it is to make an application and have a resolute advisor available for every area. This helps you to complete your loan request.

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