Scouting from the Future of Credit event!

Yesterday Breakits event Future of Credit was launched and my colleague Heralda Hore, Mordic Business Area Manager for our offers to SME and Consumers, was one of the keynote speakers at the event. It was an incredibly rewarding and inspiring afternoon at Scandic Downtown Camper. Here I thought to share briefly with some inspiration and my explorations from the event.

Future of Credit (B2B edition) is aimed at anyone who works in the corporate market for loans and financial services. Recently, there have been a number of different start-ups who are taking on financial business services in a new way. These include new ways of doing business loans, factoring, leasing and lending.


Loan challenger

money loans

An example is the loan challenger Directick Bank, which wants to redraw the playing field for loans to Sweden’s small and medium-sized companies. I had the opportunity to listen to Directick Bank’s founder and CEO, Axel Konks, who told me more about their digitization work linked to their credit journey and how they want to change the loan sector.

My colleague Heralda Hore shared with us our most relevant insights and data about what Swedes want to know about Swedish companies and how Allabagas can be an important partner. Did you know that there are two million searches on companies every month on And if you didn’t already know, Allabags has been one of Univelend Credit’s services to businesses and entrepreneurs for many years.

Ling Renan, legal director of the loan service Cameleo, talked about crowdlending. They have themselves built a platform where private individuals join together and finance loans to small businesses. She talked about what the crowdlending industry looks like in Yeslease Financing right now – and what Sweden, Norway and Denmark can learn from each other. Now that we at Univelend Credit and Asiantouch Finance Group are established in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, it was extremely rewarding with this Mordic outlook.


Loans for small business

Loans for small business

I also thought that Tina Hunterlook, credit manager at digital start-up Froda, which offers loans for small businesses, made interesting investigations and she told how they developed a digital profitable service for AI-based credit assessment.

A straight through inspirational event with many exciting futures. And speaking of future financial services: we are currently looking more at the future PSD2 solution. If you are interested in it you can read more here.